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Don't put all your eggs in one basket; adding income streams to your business

The old adage goes that you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket and has this ever been more key for our industry? With all of us having to adapt our businesses the past few years it has been fascinating and empowering to see how our community has evolved. It's more important than ever to not rely on one income stream and this is an industry that allows for so much creativity and adaptive working so let's explore how we can make our businesses work harder for us.

First of all its important to note the different types of income stream. Here we will be exploring active v's passive income streams.

Active v's passive income streams

An active income stream is where you do some work, you provide a treatment for example and receive a payment for the work. There is a very clear and direct exchange here of work and payment. In contrast passive income is income that continues even after the work has been completed. An example could be that you create a website selling products or gift vouchers. The work you put in initially to set this up will be quite an investment including uploading products and marketing them although over time this will generate sales without you needing to be actively involved - it could even happen while you sleep!
Being a self employed therapist the key here is to think about what more you can do for the clients you have before channelling more energy into gaining more clients. This model is win-win as it can add value to your clients and make them feel really thought about when done well. For example if you are providing an aromatherapy massage how wonderful for your clients if you can also provide a prescriptive blend that they can purchase to use between treatments.

Ideas of active income streams for therapists

Change the way you generate leads

Partner with firms who would benefit from offering their clients your services. For example local accommodation providers who don't have onsite therapists or a spa setting who you can be recommended to for mobile treatments. Alternatively hiring a room in a clinic offering other therapies or treatments could bring footfall and marketing opportunities your way. Similarly having a stand or volunteering at events could bring business your way and untap a new market for you. You can also establish referral links with other practitioners to refer clients if their treatment is out of your scope and vice versa.

Diversify your offering

Avoid burnout and upsell to your existing clients by adding new or luxury treatments or spa treatments to your offering in addition to massage or other very physically demanding treatments. At the Academy we offer a range of CPD and short courses that are often more gentle on therapists. Another thing to consider is adding more time options for treatments. If your client needs a little extra work on an area then adding 15 minutes onto a treatment will be a beneficial and easy sell.

Offer gift vouchers for your business

Offer gift vouchers and promote these ahead of seasonal gift giving occasions such as Valentines, Mothering Sunday, Christmas and alike. Think about the presentation of your vouchers and how you can set your business apart from competitors. Does a gift voucher need to be limited to a piece of card alone?

Offer online classes, sessions or consultations

Moving your practice online is a great way to fit more in and extend the geographical reach. For example if you are a massage therapist and branch out into baby massage is this something that can be delivered online as virtual classes or video tutorials even.

Formalise the treatment plan

Whether you put it in writing or not think about how you talk about a client's treatment plan. Do your clients think an adhoc massage is a quick fix or do you educate them on the benefits of coming for subsequent treatments and how far apart to space such treatments for maximum benefit for them. It could also be helpful to explain the treatment options they have for add on treatments. Could adding myofascial cupping onto their sports massage unlock more relief for their condition?

Ideas of passive income streams for therapists

Turn your knowledge into valuable content to grow an audience that can be monetised

Become an influencer in your field via a blog, ebooks, podcast or on social media and monetise your high quality content. You can monetise your content, youtube channel or social channels by placing ads, affiliate marketing, selling physical and digital products and more.

Use your knowledge to teach others

Similarly you can use your knowledge to teach whether its training new therapists or by selling online courses to new therapists or clients. Are there some aspects of your work that could be passed onto clients for self-care at home perhaps.


Start to offer products for sale that you use in treatments, recommend highly or align to your ethos and values. If you serve a niche market there are probably some really useful product ranges you can add to your business. Likewise if you find yourself making recommendations to clients for other products or services then consider affiliate link or commission options. Our favourite way to approach this is to blend your own prescriptive products specifically for clients. How special to have your therapist put together a bespoke product for you to use between treatments.