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Myofascial Cupping

Course Overview

Unlock New Ways to Work with Fascia

Are you a therapist seeking a deeper understanding of the body's fascia system? Join our hands-on FHT Accredited Myofascial Cupping Course to master releasing myofascial tissue using vacuum cupping.

What is Myofascial Cupping?

  • Myofascial Cupping is a modern adaptation of traditional Eastern Cupping, with a specific focus on the Musculo-Skeletal system rather than Meridians.
  • It employs plastic cups and vacuum suction, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

A hand operated vacuum pump is used to induce a vacuum inside a cylinder sealed to the skin by the use of oil or cream. The vacuum “draws” the soft tissue perpendicular to the skin thus providing a tensile force to the soft tissue system, which can be left in one site for a prolonged period or moved along the tissue.

What are the main benefits of Myofascial Cupping?

  • Relief from "Tight Knots" (Adhesions): Myofascial cupping provides effective relief from tight knots (adhesions), promoting muscle relaxation and overall well-being.

  • Improved Blood Flow and Tissue Repair: Increased blood circulation and support for tissue repair, aiding in the healing process.

  • Enhanced Range of Joint Movement: Myofascial cupping enhances joint mobility for your clients, contributing to greater flexibility and comfort.

  • Effective for Neck and Back Pain: It serves as a valuable tool for addressing neck and back pain, offering relief and comfort.

  • Ideal for Sports Therapists: Sports therapists find myofascial cupping to be an indispensable technique for aiding athletes in their recovery and performance.

  • Reduced Strain on Hands and Wrists: By integrating myofascial cupping, you can reduce overuse of your hands and wrists, promoting therapist well-being.

Course Syllabus

  • History of Cupping:

    • Dive into the rich historical background of cupping, tracing its evolution and influence on modern practices.
  • Understanding Myofascial Release:

    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of myofascial release techniques, a crucial foundation for myofascial cupping.
  • Hygiene and Safekeeping of Your Cups:

    • Learn the essential aspects of cup hygiene and safe cup storage to ensure the well-being of both the therapist and clients.
  • Application and Safe Use of Cups:

    • Learn the proper application and safe use of cups, including static and sliding techniques.
    • Discover how to introduce soft tissue release and active movements for enhanced therapeutic results.
  • Incorporating Myofascial Cupping into Your Massage Routine:

    • Explore strategies for seamlessly integrating myofascial cupping into your existing massage routine, amplifying the benefits and client experience.


Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed throughout the day to ensure you are providing safe treatments. You will receive your FHT Accredited Certificate at the end of the day to take away with you.

Certification and CPD Points: 

FHT Accredited Certificate of Attendance- 5 CPD points per day

Entry Requirements

In order to take part in this course, you must already have acquired a Level 3 Diploma in Massage / Sports Massage or equivalent such as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic or Acupuncture. We will ask you to provide a copy of your qualification. Please enquire if you are uncertain about your qualification.

Why Train with Us

At the Academy, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality training in Complementary Therapies and Sports Massage, ensuring that each student attains the highest level of professional qualification. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your success.

Here's why you should choose us:

1. FHT Accredited Course. Ensuring highest quality training.

2. Guaranteed Small Group Tuition: We believe in personalised support, so our class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of 10 students per tutor. This ensures that you receive individual attention and guidance throughout your training.

3. Passionate, Experienced Tutors: Our experienced tutors are not just educators; they are industry experts committed to upholding the highest standards. You'll learn from the best in the field.

4. Free Thursday Evening Support: Your learning journey doesn't end when you're qualified. We offer free Thursday in person evening support, available both during your training and after you've earned your certification. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

5. A Positive, Inclusive Learning Environment: Our academy provides a fun and friendly atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in your studies and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for complementary therapies.

6. Exclusive student TOTUM Card Eligibility: All our courses qualify you to apply for a TOTUM card, granting you access to discounts and savings at various retailers, making your educational journey even more cost-effective.

7. Ongoing Industry Support: We are committed to your success as a qualified therapist. Beyond your training, we offer free talks on setting up your own practice, provide access to exclusive Facebook groups with job opportunities, and maintain regular contact with your dedicated tutor. We're here to support your journey into the industry.

When you choose the Academy, you're not just choosing a training college; you're choosing a pathway to a successful and fulfilling career in Complementary Therapies. Join us today and embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and achievement.

About Your Tutor(s)

Chris Phillips


The Academy has a proud history as a private training provider in the complementary health sector for the last twenty five years.

One of my core beliefs at The Academy concerns training standards. I believe there is a real need to further raise and develop credibility in our industry, so that more clients can benefit from high professional standards. We can contribute to this by sharing our knowledge and working experiences with each other. This is the main drive behind my weekly evening groups; Thursday Evenings.

I trained as a Massage and Sports Therapist in 2000 and have been developing my private practice from my home just outside Northleach in the Cotswolds ever since. In 2006 I completed my Certificate in Further Education Teaching (CFET1) and I have been teaching Sports and Remedial Massage ITEC Level 3 & 4 here at the Academy since. I have a background of working with young troubled people and their families in a therapeutic setting, both as key worker and as a manager and supervising and training staff.


I completed the Myofascial Dry Cupping course yesterday and absolutely loved it. Chris has a great teaching method and the day flew by. I'd highly recommend the Cotswold Academy to anyone looking for a course in the massage industry. 

- Lee - Myofascial Cupping | February 2022

Firstly , what an honour and privilege to have trained with you. I can say without doubt I have attended NO course like it before.

From the welcome through the door to the end of the day; both instructors showed a love , enthusiasm and real willingness to discuss , share , debate and educate.

Being in a room with so many other practioners and the willingness to share thoughts and ideas cannot be emphasised enough. So often the instructor is the boss; what they say goes; you follow THE TECHNIQUE and ONLY this. Instead I found myself watching specific applications for relevant therapists clients ; not just as a Q&A session but as real practical application , demonstration and discussion.

I really could go on and on about how incredible the day was! I find myself already trying to find an excuse to travel the near 200 miles from Leeds to spend more time within the walls of the academy.

So here’s to YOU!

Thank you for being incredible hosts , teachers , students , information providers and biscuit providers
Thank you for giving me a skills I will be using massively in my practice

Thanks for BEING YOU!


— Sandeep Sian - Myofascial Cupping | September 2018

Chris’s method of teaching is relaxed yet informative, he has some innovative ways of helping you to learn anatomy which stay with you long after the course. Since graduating from the Academy I have worked with Rugby at Championship level, elite runners and triathletes and elite mountain bikers, and also used my skills learned on the course to benefit many members of the general public.

— Mark Mears, Plymouth

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