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On-Site Massage

Course Overview

On-Site Massage, also known as chair massage or seated acupressure massage, is a concise twenty-minute massage administered to clients while they remain fully clothed, seated either on a massage chair or at their desk. This convenient massage service is typically offered in the client's workplace, hence the name "On-Site."

This specialised massage technique, rooted in meridian-based therapy, involves using the thumb, finger, elbow, and knuckle to apply targeted pressure on various acupressure points along the 12 major meridian lines. These points are accessible on the back, arms, neck, head, and legs.

The methodology of On-Site Massage aims to stimulate and harmonise the body's energy flow. By doing so, it triggers positive effects on the circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune, and lymphatic systems. Moreover, it prompts the release of endorphins and crucial mood-regulating neurotransmitters. Clients often experience a unique blend of revitalisation and relaxation, enhancing their ability to concentrate and remain focused.

Typically lasting for 20 minutes, the basic sequence of On-Site Massage caters perfectly to the demands of a busy workplace. This quick and dynamic de-stressing therapy allows individuals to return to their desks feeling reinvigorated and ready to channel their energy effectively.

Course Syllabus

  • Advantages of On-Site Massage (OSM) in the Workplace:

    • Employee Well-being: Explore how OSM positively impacts employees by reducing stress, easing muscle tension, and promoting relaxation, ultimately contributing to a healthier work environment.
    • Productivity Enhancement: Discuss how regular OSM sessions can improve productivity, focus, and morale among employees, potentially decreasing absenteeism and enhancing job satisfaction.
    • Stress Reduction: Highlight the role of OSM in stress reduction, providing insights into its effects on reducing stress-related symptoms in the workplace.
  • Anatomy & Physiology Refresher:

    • Musculoskeletal System: Delve into the details of the musculoskeletal system, including bones, muscles, joints, and how they function together.
    • Nervous System: Discuss the role of the nervous system in massage therapy, understanding nerve pathways, and the body's response to touch and pressure.
    • Physiological Responses: Explore the physiological effects of massage on circulation, lymphatic drainage, and the release of endorphins.
  • Screening, Contraindications, and Cautions:

    • Screening Process: Explain the importance of screening procedures to identify health conditions, injuries, or other factors that may contraindicate massage therapy.
    • Contraindications: Provide an extensive list of conditions where massage may not be advisable or where specific adjustments need to be made.
    • Cautions: Highlight precautions and modifications to ensure safe and effective massage practices for clients with certain health concerns.
  • Client Information:

    • Medical History: Discuss the significance of obtaining detailed client medical histories to tailor massage sessions to individual needs and health conditions.
    • Informed Consent: Emphasise the importance of obtaining informed consent from clients before proceeding with any massage therapy session.
    • Communication Skills: Address effective communication strategies for gathering client information and ensuring a comfortable and open dialogue between practitioner and client.
  • Health & Safety:

    • Sanitation Practices: Detail proper sanitation and hygiene protocols to maintain a clean and safe massage environment.
    • Ergonomics: Discuss ergonomic principles for practitioners to prevent injury and ensure client comfort during sessions.
    • Emergency Preparedness: Cover procedures and protocols in case of emergencies or unexpected situations during massage sessions.
  • Chair Massage Routine:

    • Techniques and Sequences: A step-by-step guide to an effective chair massage routine, covering techniques for the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and head.
    • Time Management: Discuss strategies for maximising the effectiveness of chair massage sessions within a limited time frame while still delivering substantial benefits to clients.
    • Adaptability: Address methods for customising chair massage routines to suit individual client needs and preferences.



Assessment Criteria

  • 6 Case Studies (3 people treated 2 times)
  • Plus assessment which can be completed in person (date to be booked with tutor directly) or sent via recorded video.

Certification and CPD Points: 

FHT Accredited Certificate of Attendance- 5 CPD points per day

Entry Requirements

In order to take part in this course, you must already have acquired a Level 3 Diploma in Massage or equivelant. We will ask you to provide a copy of your qualification. Please enquire if you are uncertain about your qualification.

Why Train with Us

At the Academy, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality training in Complementary Therapies and Sports Massage, ensuring that each student attains the highest level of professional qualification. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your success.

Here's why you should choose us:

1. FHT Accredited Course. Ensuring highest quality training.

2. Guaranteed Small Group Tuition: We believe in personalised support, so our class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of 10 students per tutor. This ensures that you receive individual attention and guidance throughout your training.

3. Passionate, Experienced Tutors: Our experienced tutors are not just educators; they are industry experts committed to upholding the highest standards. You'll learn from the best in the field.

4. Free Thursday Evening Support: Your learning journey doesn't end when you're qualified. We offer free Thursday in person evening support, available both during your training and after you've earned your certification. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

5. A Positive, Inclusive Learning Environment: Our academy provides a fun and friendly atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in your studies and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for complementary therapies.

6. Exclusive student TOTUM Card Eligibility: All our courses qualify you to apply for a TOTUM card, granting you access to discounts and savings at various retailers, making your educational journey even more cost-effective.

7. Ongoing Industry Support: We are committed to your success as a qualified therapist. Beyond your training, we offer free talks on setting up your own practice, provide access to exclusive Facebook groups with job opportunities, and maintain regular contact with your dedicated tutor. We're here to support your journey into the industry.

When you choose the Academy, you're not just choosing a training college; you're choosing a pathway to a successful and fulfilling career in Complementary Therapies. Join us today and embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and achievement.

About Your Tutor(s)

Sally Lorimer

After over a decade of working in adult health and social care services I decided to change my life and train as a holistic massage therapist at The Cotswold Academy in 2013. Following their amazing training and support I went on to build a successful business offering holistic time out treatments to women and specialising in providing aromatherapy treatments for vulnerable adults in care settings including those who have a learning disability, autism and dementia.

After previously teaching within care services I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the team here at the Academy. I am totally committed to supporting students to grow and develop their massage skills in an empowering environment and have the confidence to go out and treat clients as a professionally trained and supported therapist.

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