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Building your business; create your action plan

Looking at setting up a business in complementary therapies? Or perhaps your marketing strategy needs a refresh to hit the ground running after lockdown is lifted. Our Building a Business workshop is designed to focus your approach to grow your client base in an acheivable and sustainable way.

Our students all know our passion and commitment at the Academy to supporting our community of therapists beyond their training and throughout their career. It's the drive behind all of our Thursday Evening sessions and our regular Building your business workshop is a great opportunity to really focus our attention on that all important question - how are you going to build your business?

For the first time we are hosting this workshop online, ahead of the session we are asking everyone to put together a plan following the steps below. The real value then comes from workshopping with peers and exploring ideas and hearing from our Tutors, all of whom have shared in your journey.

Make your action plan now...

First step - Define your target client groups

Choose three target client groups, the people that you would most like to do business with. Try to be as descriptive as possible as per the example rather than simply saying 'sports teams' or 'key workers'. Think about factors like gender, age, location, education, profession, interests & hobbies, income, media preference & values. The specifics will make your marketing strategy much easier to manage. For example -
'A 35 year old woman living in Cirencester, working in the NHS as a nurse who is a keen runner and netball player. She earns 30K per year, is active on social media and is passionate about helping and caring for others'

Next step - How are you going to reach your target groups, what will you do and what will you say?

With your target client groups in mind to answer the below questions, again the value is in the detail. We always love this discussion in our Building your business workshops as this is where the creativity flows and theres always an idea we haven't thought of before!

Q: What are you going to say to them?

Q: When and where are you going to say it?

Q: How do you make sure they book with you?

Final step - Explain what makes you different from other therapists.

Your unique selling point (USP), point of difference (POD) there's many different ways to describe the things that set you apart, make you memorable and help people relate to you and ultimately keep them coming back to your business. If you are struggling to answer this question then perhaps think about your journey and the passions that have brought you to this point. If you are an established therapist what compliments do you receive and why do your clients sing your praises.