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Tips & tricks for creating compelling content for social media

As a therapist we don't expect you to be spending all your time slaving away on social media, however, if social is your thing here are some great tips and tricks that our therapists have used to build a great rapport with clients and build their businesses!

The most important aspect of any marketing you undertake is to have a plan, know why you are dedicating time to this activity and what you aim to get in return and to make your message clear, concise, and compelling. If you do nothing else use social media to let people know you exist, what you do (and that you love what you do!) and that you have the perfect treatment for them!

If you find your self stuck for ideas here are some of the most creative and exciting ways our therapists are making social work for them...

Share your knowledge - you've worked hard to gain the knowledge and qualifications that you hold and this will shine on your social media inteactions. Here's some ways to showcase it...

  • Make short videos of yourseflf demonstrating key techniques or stretches that you encourage your clients to utilise often. This is key for sports therapists but can also be useful for holistic therapists to encourage a range of benefits to enhance the work you are doing. It can range from simple yoga stretches to how to use a tennis ball to unlock tight muscles! If you are always recommending the same things to clients then pop them on social and send your clients that way - it will help to build your followers too.
  • Alternatively if you have a slight obsession something then let it show - perhaps it's nutrition, or herbal teas - not mentioning any names except most of us at the Academy - then share that passion and enthusiasm explaining how it can aid the work you do. Have some fun!
  • Introduce yourself and show your personality, after all people buy from people. Ask questions, share photos, give a peek into who you are and what your passion is.
  • If you see an article online that would resonate or be useful to your clients share it on your page.

Take Advantage of seasonailty - the key to this is having your target market front of mind and sharing well timed messages ahead of key dates in their calendar...

  • Create and promote treatments, for example essential oil blends, that match the seasons or key trends.
  • Tie your posts in with what is important to your target audience, for example if you work with atheletes you may want to promote your pre & post event massage ahead of local sporting events. Alternatively if your work is based around holistic relaxing treatments can you promote your treatments ahead of stressful periods such as exam season.

Location, location, location - let people know where you are and when you are available in those places.

  • If you are a mobile therapist offering treatments in local air bnb properties or pamper parties strike up relationships with the venues or hosts and share posts, reviews and tag your locations.
  • If you have a small budget consider some gegraphically targeted advertising on Facebook.
  • Consider joining local groups or offering gift vouchers as raffle prizes for local charities and share this on your page
  • Tag your posts with your locations to give your followers a sense of the areas you cover
  • Join the conversation about local events or isuues.
  • Let people know you are a local business with services to sell - so many people are looking for ideas of how to shop locally and support small businesses
  • Build relationships with local clubs and large employers. Do your local sports clubs need a therapist, have the gyms got a noticeboard, can the baby groups send stressed mums your way. A great shift in large organisiations the past few years has been the recognition of the importance of wellness for employees. Find out if you can get involved and offer treatments to employees.

Engage and celebrate your network - people are going to follow you as they feel a connection so enjoy that and celebrate it.

  • Spend a little time liking, commenting and reacting to your clients posts where appropriate and always answer peoples comments and messages to you.
  • Ask for reviews on social media! This is so important and clients will love being involved and helping you to build your business. They can share your page, give recommndations and review your business. Word of mouth and referrals have always been the most valuabe marketing tool in our industry and this takes it online!

Converting interest into bookings

  • Share any cancellations and last minute appointment slots you may have so that your followers can snap them up!
  • Promote gift ideas such as products you stock or gift vouchers around key gift-giving holidays - Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas
  • We aren't huge fans of discounting your services at the Academy but if you have any offers or even better packages with added value then share and promote them :)
  • Lead with messaging that resonates with your clients and educates them as to why they need your services. Rather than simply promoting treatments why not lead with the pain points your clients may be experiencing and sell the benefits of the treatments.
  • Ask clients to join a waiting list for when your business opens for the the first time or opens after lockdown
  • Utilise booking systems on social media if it helps you to manage your time.

We hope this helps inspire you and if you have any ideas or opinions then let us know over on social - we love a good debate about how best to engage clients!! The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. If you try something and it doesn't get any traction move on and try the next idea!

As Chris always says at our Building your Business workshop 'don't be a busy fool' if social media isn't for you but you want to tap into the reach it can give your business then find someone who can manage it for you.
For more on our Building your Business workshop see here.