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Drumroll please... Introducing our brand new course; Kickstart your Therapy Business

Need a little more support starting out? When going self-employed for the first time building a client list and navigating the many and varied challenges can be daunting. Find out what the Academy has to offer!

We wanted to take some time to introduce the latest offering from the Academy and most importantly how it supports our community of therapists and other courses at the academy.

Here Sally, Tutor of the Kickstart your Therapy Business, explains it in full for us...

What the Cotswold Academy does that strikes me as unique is the emphasis on continued learning and building a profitable therapy business. Kickstart you Therapy Business is an extension of that philosophy with my individual passion and experience of starting and running my own therapy business weaved within it.

If you’ve spent considerable time and money (never mind the tear and sweat) getting qualified as a therapist then you deserve to build a profitable and sustainable therapy business that allows to support clients in your own unique way.

There are people out that are looking for exactly what you offer, but the gap often comes from you being on one side of this vast expanse of marketing, pricing, advertising, a range of services and them being on the other.

What Kickstart your Therapy Business will be do is build the bridge step by step towards those clients, it will take you on a journey of discovery, knowing who those clients are, what it is they are look for, knowing how you can find them, how you can marketing to them and pricing for value.

What it won’t do is do all the work for you, no one can do that except you, but it will give you confidence to build a dream business that works for you and the those that need you most.

It will inform your decision making about taking future courses at the academy but you’ll be crystal clear about who it is you help and how you help them which will allow you to build the right connections and collaborations with other therapists and raising the industry as a whole.

I am so excited to bring this interactive and practicable business building weekend to the academy. If you’ve studied on any other courses with me you’ll know the passion and energy I like to bring into the classroom with an emphasis and learning and having fun along the way.

I can’t wait to see some of you soon.

At the Academy we run regular workshops and courses to support you throughout your journey into this industry and beyond.

Thursday Evenings - Free Weekly Drop-in Session

Our Thursday Evenings are designed to give you practical hands on guidance and discuss any issues that have you stumped in your clinic.

Building your Business in Complementary Health & Sport - Free Workshop via Zoom

This workshop is focused on working out what your target market will be, but more importantly, how you will get yourself in front of those groups of people. Throughout the workshop there are opportunities to share ideas with other therapists and hear from Chris Phillips, Principal of the Academy about his journey into the industry and the tips and tricks of marketing yourself to drive success.

BRAND NEW: Kickstart Your Therapy Business - Two Day Course

This two day immersive experience is for holistic and sports therapists alike looking to give their business the kickstart it needs to go from classroom to clients. Equally for anyone working within the health and sport industry in a place where they feel their marketing needs a refresh this will enable you to hit the reset button.

By Sally Lorimer, Tutor at Cotswold Academy and Business Mentor at Wellbeing Business Academy.

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