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Starting your own business? We share these key 3 lessons to save you learning the the hard way!

Going self-employed for the first time can feel intimidating - we share three key things to be aware of to make the journey a little simpler for you.

Watch as Sally Lorimer, Tutor at the Academy and Business Mentor at Wellbeing Business Academy, shares her three key lessons...

My own experience of starting a therapy business is one of rollercoaster highs and lows. This is how I’ve shaped my experiences into the Kickstart your Therapy Business weekend courses.

If there were three lessons that I wish I could share with every new therapist it would be these...

Be clear on what you offer and who you want to work with

Be really clear about what you want your business to look like and find your specialism to fit in that business model. Follow the path of least resistance and know that although you might be able to help everyone, you do not need to and cannot market to everyone. Become an expert in your thing and don’t be drawn in my shiny object syndrome as you’ll find being busy for busy’s sake.

Be clear on finance, what do you need to earn and how will you price

Get really comfortable with your figures. Do not price on what everyone else is charging – price on what you want to earn and the value in the results you deliver. Do get drawn into price wars otherwise you’ll only ever have price to leverage with not your skills or you knowledge and you’ll end up with whole host of bad fit clients.

Be clear on your worth, be confident in your offering and don't be afraid to ask for help

Have a growth mindset, be prepared to get uncomfortable and be stretched in your knowledge and skills. Know that growing a business will difficult at times that you will fail and have set backs, that people will have opinions of you and at times your confidence will be rocked but you don’t have to go it alone and you can ask for help.

I built a successful full time solo therapy business which I still run part time but I want to share my experiences so that you can build your business with more ease and joy. The pinnacle of my low was sitting on my own on my birthday, balling my eyes out feeling like a business failure. I never want any therapist to ever feel that way and I will share all that I have learned in the last 10 years to give you the best possible start to this wonderful industry I love so much.

Take a look at the Kickstart Your Therapy Business course here.

By Sally Lorimer, Tutor at Cotswold Academy and Business Mentor at Wellbeing Business Academy.

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