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Techniques to tackle tight hip flexors; release tension & relieve associated lower back pain  

As lockdown continues we have been sharing more techniques and guidance on massage techniques you can do in your homes to treat your loved ones and keep hand skills sharp. One of our focuses with this is for our therapists to repurpose these videos to share with your own clients and contacts. Please do record yourself doing these demonstrations and help your networks to help themselves during this time. It can provide an invaluable resource to anyone suffering lower back pain from tight hip flexors and is a great way to stay in touch with your clients.

When people present with lower back pain and lordosis it can often be referred back to tight hip flexors. Here we present a simple way to tackle tightness in the upper legs with tensor fascia latae (TFL) and later the quadriceps group.

Chris, Principal of the Academy & Sports Massage Therapist, demonstrates some key techniques in finding and massaging our key muscle groups in the upper leg.

Firstly let’s remind ourselves of the anatomy of the upper leg and where these key muscle groups are located...

Now that we are reacquainted with the key muscle groups we take a look at massage techniques to tackle the muscle groups of the upper legs and release tight hip flexors. This will in turn help to relieve any lower back pain being felt due to the tightness in the hip flexors. Here we watch as Chris locates and treats the tensor fascia latae (TFL) into the IT band.

Next we take a look at a slightly different technique working to unlock tight quadriceps...