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Why so many clients suffer with rounded, protracted shoulders and how to fix it

One of the most common client conditions we see in our clinics is rounded or protracted shoulders.

Protracted shoulders are generally caused by poor posture habits, especially prevalent with those working at desks, gaming, looking down at mobiles or tablets or sitting for long periods. Rounded shoulders can also be caused by focusing too much on certain exercises while neglecting to strengthen the core, upper back and chest muscles. Alongside the stretches we can recommend to our clients we can really work to redefine the fascia and correct the posture of our client.

Some stretches we can be directing clients to practice to alleviate the pressure on tight muscles are as follows:

  • Handclasp behind the back
  • Door chest stretches
  • Shoulder blade squeeze
  • Wall stretch & wall angels
  • The plank

Watch the below video as Chris, Principal of the Academy & Sports Massage Therapist, demonstrates how we can work with the erector spinae to help ease this protraction in clients.

What is most important to remember is that when we are working with people who have this rounding of shoulders our emphasis is on coming down the spine rather than up it...