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The new normal; protocol for our classrooms

COVID-19 Protocol at the Academy

We want to create a space where everyone feels safe. Our protocols are in line with Government guidelines and are as strict and sensible as required to navigate this time back in the classroom whilst recognising that we all need to rebuild confidence in returning to this new normal in a supportive environment. If anyone has concerns we invite you to talk them over with us.

So what awaits you returning to the Academy?

We feel it is important to make it easy to stay safe and so have implemented some simple steps from the moment you enter the building.

One of the first things you will notice is steralising stations and social distancing markers. On the first day of your course you will be greeted and guided through the new processes, read on for a sneak peek into what we are implementing.

If you are returning to work as a therapist and are struggling to find the definitive guidance for therapists take a look here.

Warning - scary sounding rules ahead! Please don't let this information worry you, we are taking your safety extremely seriously and are trying to be as clear as possible but rest assured a very friendly welcome awaits you :)

Upon arrival at the Academy...

  • On entering the college, all students and staff are required to wear a face covering and sterilise hands using the sterilising station in the corridor prior to entering further into the building
  • Students will be temperature checked on arrival by a member of staff and sign a declaration to confirm they have had no symptoms or contact with COVID-19 infected persons in the last 14 days. If you are considered vulnerable and shielding, please check with a healthcare professional and notify us before attending your course.



  • You are required to buy and bring a visor with you for your course. You are also required now to wear a face covering when entering the building, in communal areas and whilst being treated.
  • You can buy from many retailers; here is an example on
  • It is not a legal requirement to wear a face mask and government advice is that no additional PPE is required if wearing a visor for close contact or if social distancing is being maintained, however you are welcome to bring this with you if you wish to wear one.
  • Disposable aprons will be provided for use as necessary for hands on treatment.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) advise not to wear gloves but to regularly wash your hands. Providing disposable gloves does not in itself protect the wearer from transmission of the virus, as they can still touch their face with the gloves. Gloves provide a perception of safety. We therefore will not be using gloves; however, they will be available for cleaning purposes and other appropriate uses.
  • Regular handwashing and good personal hygiene (e.g. not touching your face) will always be expected. Hand washing stations and paper towels are provided.

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing (SD) (i.e. maintaining a two-metre space) will be encouraged using revised office and classroom layout, training, signs, provision of equipment and floor tape markings when hands on training is not being delivered. When working hands on, PPE will be worn as detailed above.


  • Access to the office is restricted to staff only. If you require to speak to a member of the office team, pleas maintain social distancing and follow the floor sticker guidance.


  • The kitchen will not be available for student use. We appreciate this may be an inconvenience but is important to reduce cross-infection. No kitchen utensils, tea, milk, or refrigeration facilities will be available.
  • A hot water urn and cold-water tap will be available in each teaching room for you to make your own beverages.
  • Please bring your own mug, spoon and tea making facilities etc.
  • Please bring your own lunch/snacks. Alternatively, you can go out for lunch as usual with town only a few minutes’ walk away.

Common Rooms

  • Unfortunately, to limit cross-infection, common room areas will be closed. You will only be able to eat lunch/have breaks at your workstation in the classroom or outside of the building.
  • You will be allocated a cubby space for the duration of your course to store bags/personal items. You will be responsible for sterilising your cubby before and after use.


  • You must bring your own pens and notepad (no pens will be able to be borrowed).
  • On arrival, students will be allocated a workstation. This will be where the student will work for the duration of the day. This can change from day to day if the course is over multiple days
  • Students will be paired/in threes for the duration of a course day.
  • Students will be allocated a colour coded sarong to use for the duration of a course day. 
  • No towels or plinth covers will be used in the classroom.
  • Students will be responsible for wiping down their workstation at the end of each day.

There we have it - our new normal! We were always an industry that took hygiene measures very seriously and so much of what we do remains the same. The new measures simply build in and enable social distancing. We have taken a very detailed approach to make your time here feel reassuring and truly considered. Did we mention we can't wait to see you all again!