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A student's guide to learning at home; 7 steps to success!

At the Academy we work with many students returning to study to follow a long held passion, people looking for career changes and those looking to add income streams or flexible working to fit around families. A common concern is the unknown of studying at home amongst full time work commitments and busy family lives. That’s why our focus is on e-learning being easily accessible to fit to your unique timescales all with access to your tutor remotely. It can still feel a little daunting though if it is a brand new subject for you so we wanted to share some of our top tips for creating and maintaining a positive and fruitful learning environment at home...

  1. Create a workspace that works for you
    - Designate an area that is comfortable and ensures you can practice good posture. when seated at a desk your arms should be able to lie flat level with a keyboard. It is great if this area is separate from your living space so you can create a work zone. It is helpful to also be in a place that allows you to escape from distractions including your phone!
  2. Plan your day
    - If you have one, follow the schedule provided by your tutor. Alternatively if you just have a list of topics to study, break them down into tasks and plan to do the hardest ones when you have the most motivation and energy. Having a plan will ensure that any extra reading you do won’t take you too far off topic and you can easily retrace your steps.
  3. Take note
    - Staying focused at home can be difficult. Note taking keeps your mind awake and engaged. Ensure you plan ahead and structure any notes so that you can refer back with headers to show what day and module you are on.
  4. Escape sometimes
    - screen time can be intense when studying from home so ensure you take regular breaks and walk away from your screen. Eat well, stay hydrated, get some fresh air and sunlight once in a while. It can be demotivating to emerge from a long study session feeling exhausted. 
  5. Be more you
    - Give yourself the time and flexibility that allows you to keep your enthusiasm. We all learn differently, we know that this is brand new information to you and we appreciate that for many you may not have been in a learning environment for some time. We often hear that our students are nervous to return to learning and fear that they were not good learners at school and this is transferable. Another common misconception is that they will be alone in feeling this way. Believe us when we say along your learning journey you will be surrounded by like minded people coming into this industry fresh and having the same concerns. Figure out how you learn best and adapt your learning to suit that. Is it quizzes, diagrams, explaining to others, visual aids, learning through doing or learning in groups. Make it enjoyable - you are investing a lot of time and energy into your training and you are following a passion so it is important that you enjoy your course to the fullest.
  6. Speak up & ask for help
    - There is no such thing as a stupid question. Our tutors possess a vast amount of knowledge and experience, they once started their journey in the same way you are, and their passion is infectious! Just because you aren’t in the classroom you still have access to your tutor for support and guidance. We also run Thursday Evening sessions to top up your learning, give access to tutors and your peer group weekly and provide ongoing support even after you have graduated and throughout your career.
    Stay in touch, stay motivated, stay passionate and most of all stay hungry for knowledge. If you lose momentum let us know and we can work together to plan your way back to success. 

So there we have it, our 7 failsafe steps to successfully completing your course work for the Academy if you are choosing to study at home. But disclaimer alert - this learning journey doesn’t end the day you take your exams! Our industry is ever evolving and immersive, each fascinating topic lends itself perfectly to a new aspect of looking at our health, lifestyles and environment. You may find yourself picking back up those textbooks and course manuals for many more years to come!

For anyone wishing to begin their learning journey with Anatomy & Physiology and wish to study from home take a look at our
ITEC Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology E-Learning.

You can also now begin your ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage at home with our brand new ITEC Level 3 Blended Learning Diploma in Sports Massage

For those who qualified many years ago and elsewhere who find themselves in a place where you aren’t feeling as confident and wishing to reintroduce their practice after some support we have Thursday Evenings and refresher courses to kickstart your learning journeys once more.