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Update following latest COVID-19 guidance

We wanted to give you an update as to how the latest government recommendations for COVID-19 will be implemented at the Academy.


First and foremost, our students and staff’s safety is our utmost priority. The Academy has been open and training students in the same hands on way for 10 out of the last 16 months. We have had no cases of covid-19 within the college throughout this time and we will continue to keep our learning environment a safe and fun place to study.


As a college, we have been following the guidance for education on use of face coverings since the 24th May, whereby students when walking around the building and social distancing are not required to wear a face covering. This will continue as the rest of the restrictions begin to ease.


Most of our other protocols will not change at all, and this includes:


  • Temperature checks on entering the college
  • COVID-19 declaration (no contact with infectious people or symptoms of covid-19)
  • Ventilation
  • Face masks whilst working in close contact
  • Regular hand washing & cleaning down of high touch areas


Following the latest government guidelines being released on the 19th July, students are no longer required to wear a visor when working in close contact. This is in recognition that PPE has an extremely limited role in providing extra protection. We are confident that this should not increase risk to our students as we are following the latest infection control protocols with an emphasis on ventilation and hand washing as well as continuing to wear a grade 2 surgical face mask when working in close contact.


Social distancing will also come to an end from the 19th July, however within the academy we will still be encouraging students to give each other space whilst we all get used to going back towards normality.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our protocols.

Below is a breakdown of our main infection prevention protocols.


Upon arrival at the Academy...

On entering the college, all students and staff are required to wear a face covering and sterilise hands using the sterilising station in the corridor prior to entering further into the building

Students will be temperature checked on arrival by a member of staff and sign a declaration to confirm they have had no symptoms or contact with COVID-19 infected persons in the last 14 days. If you are considered vulnerable and shielding, please check with a healthcare professional and notify us before attending your course.


You are required to buy and bring a grade 2 surgical face mask with you for your course (to be used for close contact).

You can buy from many retailers; here is an example on

The World Health Organisation (WHO) advise not to wear gloves but to regularly wash your hands. Providing disposable gloves does not in itself protect the wearer from transmission of the virus, as they can still touch their face with the gloves. Gloves provide a perception of safety. We therefore will not be using gloves; however, they will be available for cleaning purposes and other appropriate uses.

Regular handwashing and good personal hygiene (e.g. not touching your face) will always be expected. Hand washing stations and paper towels are provided.

Social Distancing

Although social distancing (SD) (i.e. maintaining a two-metre space) comes to an end on the 19th July, we will continue to encourage giving one another space using revised office and classroom layout, training, signs, provision of equipment and floor tape markings when hands on training is not being delivered. When working hands on, PPE will be worn as detailed above.


The kitchen will not be available for student use. We appreciate this may be an inconvenience but is important to reduce cross-infection. No kitchen utensils, tea, milk, or refrigeration facilities will be available.

A hot water urn and cold-water tap will be available in each teaching room for you to make your own beverages.

Please bring your own mug, spoon and tea making facilities etc.

Please bring your own lunch/snacks. Alternatively, you can go out for lunch as usual with town only a few minutes’ walk away.

Common Rooms

Unfortunately, to limit cross-infection, common room areas will be closed. You will only be able to eat lunch/have breaks at your workstation in the classroom or outside of the building.

You will be allocated a cubby space for the duration of your course to store bags/personal items. You will be responsible for sterilising your cubby before and after use.


You must bring your own pens and notepad.

On arrival, students will be allocated a workstation. This will be where the student will work for the duration of the day. This can change from day to day if the course is over multiple days

Students will be paired/in threes for the duration of a course day.

Students will be allocated a colour coded sarong to use for the duration of a course day. 

No towels or plinth covers will be used in the classroom.

Students will be responsible for wiping down their workstation at the end of each day.


We were always an industry that took hygiene measures very seriously and so much of what we do remains the same. We have taken a very detailed approach to make your time here feel reassuring and truly considered.