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Case Study; Lucy, 28 year old teacher, wants to get back to running after a sprained ankle

Case Study; Lucy

Lucy 28, is a teacher, she enjoys running to keep herself fit and well, and runs about twice a week.

Six weeks ago while out running she twisted her right ankle laterally.

She couldn’t weight bear and it became very swollen and sore. She had it x-rayed the next day and there were no sign of any fractures

Gradually over the next two weeks it improved and she began to walk on it but by the end of each day it was still very sore..

She was given some advice by a friend to cycle as a way of helping the ankle repair, she tried this but it became very sore and irritated. She described it as going backwards and walking was again very difficult.

Pain Pattern and Posture Assessment

It is now six weeks after the initial sprain, she can walk okay but running is out of the question. Balancing on the sprained ankle is almost impossible as she wobbles and loses her balance. There is little heat or swelling in the bad ankle. The localised ligament areas are sore to the touch


She was given my number by a friend and rang me for some advice. So, what is our advice?

Should she exercise it. If so how much and when?

Should she use ice or heat?

Should she have an ankle support?

When can we start massaging the area? (when the government says so)

Other observations and support...