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Case Study; John, 40 year old desk worker presenting with stiff shoulders.

Case Study; John


John is in his early 40s.

He works as an IT specialist and sits at a desk for most of his day.

He does little exercise but walks his dog regularly. He has told me he eats a balanced diet but enjoys a biscuit with his coffee mid-morning

Six years ago he damaged his right knee in a cycle accident, no long-lasting damage was done to his knee but it remains sore at times after long walks 

Pain Pattern and Posture Assessment

John talked about feeling stiff in his shoulders when he sits for any length of time, particularly his right shoulder and his lower back. 

He rubs his neck as he explains where the pain is.

Observations from looking at John standing in front of me

Looking at John from behind he seems to stand with his body-weight on his right leg

Looking at John from the side, his head seems to stick out forwardly 

It’s obvious to see the tension across his shoulders as he hunches his upper back forwards.

Asking John to move his neck from left to right or put his chin on his chest, one senses the stiffness and soreness for him. 

I asked John to lift his arms to the side then forwards and backwards and again this is painful for him particularly around the right shoulder.

Watching him as he bends forwards and then tilting backwards from the waist you can see his stiffness again and lack of range of movement.



Would you ask John for any further information about himself? What other questions come to mind? 

What advice would you have for John. Aftercare?

Where would we start our treatments and why..

What groups of muscles would you include in your first treatment plan.

Any other observations or questions.


Below is the live discussion of John's case!