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Case Study; Eric, 57 year old teacher, runner & triathlete presenting with calf pain

Case Study; Eric


Eric is 57 works as a teacher in a secondary school. His main sport is running and he enjoys triathlons and running events. He has run for many years and on the whole has been injury free.


Pain Pattern and Posture Assessment

Over the last 6 to 8 months he has developed calf pain after his run in his right leg, at times he also feels pain in the soul of his foot. Eric is a slight man and tries to think about his food as much as possible. Also at times while running he feels the tightness in his right hamstring

Observations from looking at Eric sitting in front of me

As he sits opposite me I am struck by his vigour for life and I can imagine him as a nice teacher to have. During the last few days the pain in his calf has increased and is affecting his running.

He has rung me for advice, and has booked an appointment for next week.


What would be our advice on the phone.

What would our plan of assessment be on his appointment day. What special tests, range of movement, etc would we do

Where would we start our treatment

Would we refer to any other professionals.

What would our after-care be, exercises etc

Watch the live discussion on Eric's case study below :