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Tips for completing case studies during lockdown

Completing your case studies in lockdown...


A common question we have been asked at the Academy during the lockdowns is around completing case studies within the restrictions and government guidelines.


We have some tips and advice from the tutors and flexibility from our accrediting bodies which we can share and talk over to help you safely complete your logs.


Firstly though an important note from the team please do remember that whilst within the Academy for your course you are covered by our insurance as we are an educational provider. Once you leave our building you are no longer covered and as such cannot work on anyone outside of your 'bubbles' as set out by the lockdown restrictions and guidance in place by the government for the area you live in. The government guidance for close contact services can be found here -

The good news is that we do have a little flexibility from the accrediting bodies surrounding this.

It may be that you need to repeat case studies on the same individuals and simply increase the number of times you see them. Depending on how many people you have in your household or can safely see within your 'bubbles' at this time we can work on a plan for you. It is always advised to have student insurance, even when working on family at home.

Your own children (over 8 years recommended) can be case studies, dependant on age may affect this so make contact directly for further guidance if unsure. There is also no limit to how many times to use the same person for case studies, but of course variety is important, so it may be that you practice on them and wait to complete further case studies once things open up again. But certainly, using them for 2-3 case studies would be fine.


If you live alone and have not formed a 'support bubble' at this time then we advise you to carry on completing your coursework and Anatomy & Physiology and don't feel pressure to complete your case studies straight away. We can make this work around the situation and can work on a plan for when restrictions are lifted for you to get everything on track and completed to lead into your chosen exams. There are no immediate time limits or deadlines on when you need to complete your exams following your course.

If you need a little more support on completing your case studies contact your course tutor or get in touch with Olivia in the office to talk over your options.