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Thought for the Week - How do you share your business vision?

One of the things we are always thinking about and reviewing at the Academy is how we, as a business, develop and maintain how people see us. This must be in all of our minds, every day! How do you find something that is unique to you?

For us, this is about asking the question of how we share our business aims, our USP and our core beliefs.  

With the evolution of how we interact with marketing, driven by social media, video is fast becoming the most preferred method of engagement. As a result, an ongoing piece of work here at the Academy is the development of a promotional video. A really exciting project that will provide a visual aid and introduction to our work.

How do you share what is special about your business? 

Some of the things that our community have implemented are:

Personal video made for your client with suggestions of aftercare post-treatment

Mini self-massage tutorials or stretches

Instagram video introductions

Mini video detailing your favourite products (e.g. oils) for supporting particular common ailments

Don't forget to share any videos you make on Instagram with us so we can share your business!