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Adding On-Site Massage to your Offering

On-site massage is a quick, dynamic, de-stressing ‘through the clothes’ therapy in the workplace!

A great opportunity to open up new ways of sourcing and serving clients. With employers recognising their responsibility to their employers physical and mental health there are new avenues and opportunities to offer your expertise to support their initiatives. 

Would it benefit your business to be able to partner with large organisations and get involved with any wellness initiatives?

On-Site Massage is a meridian based therapy in which the thumb, finger, elbow and knuckle are used to apply pressure to many of the acupressure points on the 12 major meridian lines accessible on the back, arms, neck, head and legs.

Stimulating the circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems, whilst promoting the release of endorphins and important mood-regulating neurotransmitters.Traditionally the basic sequence lasts 20 minutes and returns the client to their desks buzzing with energy.

How does on-site massage benefit employees and why should employers take note…

  • Relieves headaches/ muscular pain
  • Increases immune function
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces stress, anxiety & depression
  • Increases focus, energy & mental clarity

Research also show that 20 minutes is plenty of time to show optimal benefits of massage as documented by Mark Hyman Rapaport, MD, chief of psychiatric services at Emory Healthcare, who has led multiple studies focused on the effects of massage.