Certificate in Hot Stone Therapy (FHT Accredited)

Hot Stone Therapy is an advanced therapeutic massage technique using the applications of thermotherapy and cryotherapy. This involves the use of heated volcanic basalt stones and cold marble stones.

This extremely popular therapy originates from ancient Native American traditions. Whilst hot stone treatment provides deep relaxation, positivity, balance and healing for our clients it also helps maintain a healthy therapist, preventing strain, wear and tear on the therapist’s joints/muscles.

Course Content:

  • History

  • The types of stones & equipment needed

  • Thermotherapy

  • Temperature regulation

  • Contra indications and Health and Safety

  • Preparing the stones, body application

  • Sterilization and care of the stones

  • Product Knowledge

  • Treatment timing

  • Practical demonstration

  • Practical – Full Body

  • Aftercare

  • Care of equipment, tools, stones, crystals

  • Costs/Insurance

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Assessment Criteria: 

  • 3 x 3 Case Studies (3 people x 3 times)

  • Plus half day assessment date to be confirmed on start of the course

Certification and CPD Points: 
FHT Accredited Certificate of Attendance- 5 CPD points per day

Entrance requirements:  

In order to take part in this course, you must already have acquired a Level 3 diploma in massage. We will ask you to provide a copy of your qualification. Please enquire if you are uncertain about your qualification.


This is a 2 day course + 1/2 day assessment to be confirmed with the Tutor on your first day. Attendance: 9.30am to 4pm

September 2019: 16th-17th

(Tutor: Yvonne Lockhart)

December 2019: 9th-10th

(Tutor: Annette Stoker)

January 2020: 21st-22nd

(Tutor: Yvonne Lockhart)

February 2020: 6th-7th

(Tutor: Annette Stoker)

April 2020: 6th-7th

(Tutor: Annette Stoker)

May 2020: 19th-20th

(Tutor: Yvonne Lockhart)

Costs & Dates:

£230 + VAT

How do I pay?

A 25% deposit is due by return after receiving your welcome pack, with the remaining balance due 4 weeks before the start of your course. If your course is less than 4 weeks away, the full balance will be due immediately. Please complete an enrolment form online to book your place. You will then receive an email confirmation with your welcome pack and invoice.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or cheque. If you would like to pay via Credit Card, please let us know upon receiving your invoice and we will send through a link for payment.

Recommended Books for Course:

Want to buy your own kit? Here's what we recommend:

Please note, if buying a kit before your course, you only need to bring the heater, spoon, stones and net bags. The other supplies will be provided for you.

  • Hot Stone Heater18 quart/6 quart depending on preference and whether working mobile.  There are now heaters available with built in thermostats which is ideal but we can also work with ones without.

  • 52 Piece set of basalt stones (can be 50 or less as kits do vary but make sure there are a set of toe stones included) Natural ones are better than the handmade ones which are almost too regular but we can work with them if necessary. Click here for a set of hot and cold stones or for just a hot stones kit click here

  • Sterilizing tablets- available from most supermarkets

  • 3 Net Bags (example here)

  • Slotted spoon (wooden or thick plastic; this may come with your heater so double check before buying another!)

  • Thermometer (if heater has no thermostat)

  • Tea tree oil; to pop into water with stones when treating (nice smell and naturally antibacterial- this is based on preference and doesn’t have to be used)

  • surgical spirit/sea salts (helps to remove oil from stones which is sometimes needed)

  • Optional: Set of cold marble stones (face set) (if you buy a stone set that doesn't include them)

  • Jojoba Oil


Hot Stone Heated Bag – no water used to heat the stones (pros and cons; chat to us for more info!) - good for home visits; available online from Vulsini here.

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