Chris Phillips - Sports Massage Therapist

Chris Phillips works as a Massage Therapist and Tutor in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire.

He runs his own well established clinic, near his home town of Northleach and runs a series of training courses in Sports Massage, Advanced Massage workshops and hydrotherm. He works with a wide range of sports and other lifestyle injuries. 

In 2011 he became the principal and part owner of the Cotswold Academy massage and beauty training centre in Cirencester Gloucestershire.

Chris’s work centres on providing a programme of massage treatments and stretches that can re-align the muscle fibres correcting postural dysfunction.

The treatment programmes are devised to promote and enable flexibility, so allowing clients to maximise their physical potential, whether in their daily lives or their chosen sports. | Tel: 01451 860803 | Mobile: 07876 563002