Andrea Hughes- Antara Shanti Reflexology

My name is Andrea Hughes and I'm an ITEC level 3 qualified Reflexologist. I also hold diplomas in Swedish Massage, Hot Stones Massage and Indian Head Massage from the Nail and Beauty Academy. I am first and foremost a Reflexologist but I do offer Swedish, Hot Stones and Indian Head Massage as well. 

Why Reflexology?

After my trip to Bhutan I finally understood that stress was making me unhappy and I could see the same thing happening to my family, friends and colleagues. The first time I had a full reflexology treatment I came home and slept much better than I had for many years. I knew that I wanted to learn this technique and use it to help others. My wish is that, even though I may not be able to change their busy lifestyle, when people come to me for a treatment they will have an hour when they feel peaceful and stress free; and that they will sleep soundly and awake the next day refreshed and ready to take on the world with a spring in their step.

 I deal with anyone from birth to end of life care and nearly all those in between. 

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 07850 273840                        


Facebook: Antara Shanti Reflexology    Twitter: @antara_shanti