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Contact Details:


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07745893774


Address: Alba Clinic, 101b Aubrey Road, Bristol, BS3 3EZ

Monday: 1-7pm, Cotswold Chiropractic and Massage Clinic, Stroud

Tuesday: 9.30am-7pm, Aubrey Road, Bristol

Wednesday: 4.30-8.30pm, Southville Clinic, Bristol

Saturday: 9.30am-12.30pm, Aubrey Road, Bristol

Sunday: 11am-4pm, Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms, Bristol

Services offered:


●      Initial consultation to tailor the treatment to the client’s needs.

●      General relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety.

●      Fertility and pregnancy reflexology.

●      May help with a wide range of chronic or acute health conditions.

●      Treatment predominantly done on the feet, but can include the hands.

Holistic Massage:

●      Initial consultation to tailor the treatment to the client’s needs.

●      Varying pressure to work out tension in superficial and deeper layers of muscle in order to soften and relax tissues.

●      Helps to increase circulation and lymph flow.

●      Reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body to provide a general sense of relaxation.

●      Full body treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage:

●      Initial consultation to tailor the treatment to the client’s needs.

●      Full body treatment with focus on specific areas.

●      Stretching and lengthen the muscles, using slower strokes.

●      Improves movement and function on muscles and joints.


1-hour Reflexology: £30

1-hour Holistic Massage: £35

1-hour Deep Tissue Massage: £35

(Prices vary between clinics)



I first came across reflexology as a teenager suffering from regular, severe headaches. In just four reflexology treatments, the headaches subsided, and have never returned. This experience inspired me to become a practitioner and I hope to pass on similar positive experiences to others. I was taught at the London Reflexology Academy, graduating with a Level 5 Centralia Reflexology Mastership and have been practising from Bristol and Stroud since my move in July 2017.  My diverse, high level qualification means that I am able to offer treatments to help with a wide range of health conditions; subfertility/pregnancy related issues and treatments for those in palliative care. My anatomy, physiology and pathology knowledge from my training enables me to provide clinical treatments, uniquely tailored to each client, by assessing their overall physical and emotional health and lifestyle. This holistic approach aspires to determine the root of the client’s concern, whilst addressing the immediate effects it may be having on their body. Along with great enthusiasm for the therapy I have a real desire to help and heal.

I have also trained in massage at the Cotswold Academy in Cirencester. My qualifications include ITEC Level 3 holistic massage and deep tissue massage. As with my reflexology treatments, the consultation process can enable me to adapt the massage to each individual to gain the maximum benefits for the client, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

I do treatments in a variety of venues in order to give my clients a range of options to decide where is best for them to receive their treatment. On Mondays I practise from Stroud, I have clinics in Bristol on Wednesdays and Sundays, and I work from the lovely treatment room at my home on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There is free parking for clients at all these venues!